For Developers

Adding a custom item

If you do not wish to use an icon for your item, you need to set the model property in the item.json

Like this:

local item = {
	name = 'Your item',
	icon = 'models/props_c17/gravestone004a.mdl',
	entity = 'your_entity',
	value = 100,
	type = 'item',
	json = {model="models/props_c17/gravestone004a.mdl"},
	level = 1
      local i = manolis.popcorn.items.CreateItemData(item)
      manolis.popcorn.inventory.addItem(ply, i, callback)

Selling blueprints (NPC Deals)

In one of your addons shared files:'michael',{
  	name = 'Galil Blueprint',
  	uiq = 'galilbp',
  	price = 1000000,
  	icon = 'manolis/popcorn/icons/weapons/galil.png'

In one of your addons addons serverside files:['galilbp'] = function(ply)
    local bp = manolis.popcorn.crafting.FindBlueprint(DarkRP.getPhrase('galil'))
    if(bp) then
    	local data = manolis.popcorn.crafting.CreateBlueprintData(bp)
    	manolis.popcorn.inventory.addItem(ply, data)