Syndicate RPG New Player Guide


Syndicate RPG is an (MMORPG) gamemode for Garry's Mod. This guide will teach new players the basics of the gamemode.

To get a helping hand, find the Don around the map. He will provide you with starter items.


Information Bar

This is the main HUD element. It features your job, cash, health (left) and armor (right). The 7 slots in the middle are quick buy slots. You can press F3 to enable your mouse to select these slots.

The 4 buttons on the right are action buttons. The first opens the equipment menu, the second opens the inventory, the third opens the server action menu, and the fourth opens the server info menu.

XP Bar

The XP bar shows your current level, and features a compass to show you which direction you're moving in. If you are on a quest, the next location will show up here

Actions Menu

This is the actions menu, you can access it by pressing F4. This is the main hub in the gamemode. You can change jobs, buy items, spawn vehicles, create gangs, and view your achievements and stats from here.

Your Inventory

Your inventory is where all your collected items go. You can access it by pressing the second action button on the HUD, through the F4 menu in the character tab, pressing R with the inventory weapon equipped or by typing 'inventory' in your console.

You can drag and drop items into any available slots. If you wish to upgrade a weapon or armor, just drag the upgrade into it. You can change an items page by dragging it into the page buttons.

To pickup an item that someone or yourself has dropped, you can equip the inventory tool and left click.

Character Window

This is where you can equip weapons and armor. Just drag the relevant item into the correct slot. To unequip and item, drag it back into your inventory.


To trade with a player, you can walk up to him and type /trade in the chat, click on his name in a party and press Start Trade, or use the F4 menu.

To trade, drag your items into the top set of slots. You will be able to see what your partner drags in. If you wish to trade money, press 'Set Money' and enter an amount. Once you're done, press lock to lock the trade, and once both players have done this, you may press trade.


You can start quests from the quest NPCs around the map. You will know if an NPC has an active quest because you will see a question mark above its head.

Money Printers

Money printers are the main source of income for players in the gamemode. You may purchase them from the F4 menu, and connect them to a power socket using the power tool.

If you don't also buy a printer cooler, the printer will set alight! As you level up, you will get access to higher level money printers and boosters, which give you more money.


Gangs are a core part of the gamemode. You can start a gang for $100,000. You can then invite your friends to the gang, and you can capture territories around the map together.

If you are a gang leader or co-leader, you can start rivalries with other gangs. If somebody starts a rivalry against you, you can either beg for mercy or truce with them.

Gangs level up from holding territories. After leveling up, leaders and co-leaders can buy upgrades for their gang members, giving them a large advantage over other players.


To craft, you must first acquire blueprints and materials.

You can get blueprints from the Don or from completing quests. Use Material Forges to get materials. Once you have everything you need, go to the Blacksmith. Drag your blueprint into the top slot, and your materials into the slots below.


Upgrades can either be for weapons or armors. You can use upgrades by dragging them onto your items. If you have 3 upgrades of the same level, you can take them to the Refiner to upgrade and get 1 of the next level upgrade.

Third Person

To enter third person, press C and right click