1. Install the latest version of DarkRP
  2. Drag the 'syndicate' folder into your gamemodes folder
  3. Edit /config/config.lua and /config/mysql.lua if you wish
  4. Change your servers gamemode to 'syndicate'
  5. Start and join your server, type 'fadmin setroot <yourname>' into the console to make yourself admin
  6. Press F4, go to admin, and setup your territories, spawns and buildings
  7. Use the admin tools to configure power sockets, capture points and cash spawns
  8. Restart your server
  9. Done!

Setup gang territories

-Open the F4 menu and press the Admin tab -Press 'New Territory' and enter the name of your territory

Each territory can have a number of capture points which gangs can capture. Go to where you want to place a capture point, open the F4 menu and press 'New Location' on the territory.

Setup spawns

-Open the F4 menu and press the Admin tab -Click 'Spawns' -Pick and NPC and go and stand where you want them to spawn -Press 'Set Position'

The bomb should be in the center of the map (eg fountains in rp_downtown_v4c). The don should be on the outskirts of your map. The other NPCs should be evenly spaced out, covering all areas of your map.

Setting up buildings

-Find a building in-game

-Open the F4 Menu and press the admin tab and select 'Buildings'

-Press 'New Building' and pick a name for your building.

-Once created, press 'Set rent' to set the rent for your building

-Go to the entrance door of this building in game, press F2, then click 'Set Building'

-Select the building you just created from the dropdown box, and tick the box showing this is an entrance, then press Save.

-Go to all other doors of the building and do the same. If you enter/exit from them then select the entrance checkbox. If not leave it blank.

Power sockets are sockets that players can power their printers from. Change the number you have depending on the building size. Usually 1-2 per room

-Open the Q menu, under Popcorn Admin, select 'Power Socket Creation Tool'

-You will see a ghost socket, left click when you are happy with the position

-Select the building that you are in

-Do this for the entire building

Cash stacks are for base defense quests. I recommend you place one in every building, they only spawn when the building is unowned and a player is doing a base defense quest.

-Open the Q menu and under Popcorn Admin select Building Cash Stack Spawn

-Go to somewhere deep into your building and place the cash stack in the middle of the room

-Select the building and press Save

Capture points are entities that can be used by players to capture other players buildings and own them. Every building should have one apart from PD ect

-Open the Q menu and select 'Building Marker Tool' under Popcorn Admin.

-Go deep into the building and click on a wall, then select the building

-Press save

Spawn items

It is not recommended that you spawn in items/money for yourself or set your own level. Players will not want to put time into grinding for good stuff if they see you had it given to you. Do not give yourself or anyone else items unless for testing purposes.

GiveSyndicateWeapon weaponname

GiveSyndicateArmor armor name - use the key in the english.lua file, eg heavy_pants